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We design static and e-commerce websites for small to medium businesses, tailoring and designing sites to suit your specific needs, budgets and timelines. Everything we design is multiplatform, meaning no matter if your site is viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile it'll always impress.

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We're on a mission to help local businesses without websites get their store on the internet as quickly and cheaply as possible to help businesses through the struggle of another national lockdown. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

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Our go to choice for e-commerce sites. Secure payments, simple layouts and intelligent features. We can have you up running in a matter of days using a theme from one of our partners, or develop something totally unique for you given more time - the options are limitless.

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Easy to maintain once published
We'll teach you how to maintain your site so you can fully manage everything once published, or alternatively you can keep us retainer to make changes for full peace of mind.
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Preview site

A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

Business Landing Page

A nice Business landingpage to showcase your business, services and products!

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Preview site
App Landing Page

A beautiful landingpage perfect for showcasing an iPhone or other mobile app.

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Everything we design is

Ready to go mobile

Everything we design is optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Custom and adaptive changes

We adapt the styling and format to best suit every screen size.


Hear what our clients have to say...

Term Footwear


“We had a basic Wix website when thefirst lockdown arrived in 2020 and we quickly realised all our business neededto be online if we were going to survive. UnearthedDigital put together a web strategy and new web site in record time, advisingus on everything from design, layout, marketing and SEO.Web sales have gone from strength tostrength coupled with our Brand now having a dedicated shop window. Not onlyare we selling direct to the public, but new suppliers are discovering us andasking to stock the brand.”

Lincoln, Director

Natural Choice Petfoods


"We have always wanted to update our website and after aclarity call it was clear that Olly and his team were a good fit for us. We wanted to work with a business with an in-depth understanding of shopify aswell as expertise in marketing and Olly has impressed us with his knowledge inboth fields.  Olly quickly understood how we operate and from the outset knew what we were trying to achieve; This hasmade working together easy. Olly has helped find different solutions to help build onour store and is always very responsive to our ideas and requests. I would highly recommend Olly to any business owner looking to improve their website."

Jeff Sasse, Managing Director